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Capturing Emotion in Film and Print

 Tiffen Dfx Digital Filters Drive Visual Creation on Multiple Levels for Michael Bernard  

For a cinematographer, having the ability and tools that allow you to evoke emotion through imagery is key. From creating a dark and edgy background for an alternative rock music video, to tweaking the color to amplify the bold nature of a commercial for consumer audiences, and even adjusting the lighting of an outdoor shot on the beach at dusk, visual effects tools can take a cinematographer’s or photographer’s work to the next level. To achieve that perfect composition, director and cinematographer Michael Bernard digs into his arsenal of tools and comes up with Tiffen’s Dfx digital filter suite for enhancing his images and footage. Read how Dfx v3 captures the emotion.  Read More...

Headlamp Digital Rocks It with Tiffen Dfx

 Wayne Herrschaft hits every beat with Tiffen’s digital filter suite

 Portraying the energy of a rock concert, the soulful rhythms of an artist singing their heart out on stage, or the unique character of a band shooting a music video is often difficult to do through images alone.  However Wayne Herrschaft has found the magical formula that captures the raw emotion of these artists in both still and moving media.  His critically acclaimed photography and videos bring viewers into the beat of these adrenaline-pumping performances. Read how Wayne rocks it with Tiffen Dfx v3. Read More....

Narrative Filmmaker Finds Creative Expression with Tiffen Dfx

Saro Varjabedian gets his perfect shot with Tiffen Dfx  

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Saro Varjabedian grew up in one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse counties in the United States. As a result, his perspective on multiculturalism and the meaning of cultural identity is quite unique, playing a key role in his career as a cinematographer and director. Forging his filmmaking career in New York, after graduating with high honors from Queens College, Saro’s film work explores cultures and lifestlyes from around the world, from Mexico, to India, Lebanon, and his current project in Armenia. To take his work to the next level of visual brilliance and depth, Saro turns to Tiffen’s Dfx digital filter suite technology. For him, its all about the process of creation – working with tools that have the ability to alter a shot to his liking and evoke emotion – and coming to the realization that you’ve finally got that perfect shot.  Read more on Saro and how he uses Tiffen Dfx v3 to get the perfect shot. Read More...

Jeff Foster – Pro Video Coalition:

“This filter set will bring back memories of film cameras and glass filters we’ve all be familiar with in days gone-by, but with much more control, finesse and options beyond your wildest dreams!” 

“Well, it’s obvious that I’m in love with this effects plug-in… this plug-in IS a must-have addition that every editor/filmmaker should have in their toolbox!”

Ibarionex Perello – Rangefinder:

“…Dfx 3.0 is one of the few software titles that allow you to work seamlessly back and forth between stills and video.” 

Joe Farace – Shutterbug:

"Of all the special effects and filter software products that I’ve tested over the years, Tiffen’s Dfx 3.0 is the one where the more I used it, the more I liked using it, and I found something new and fun to do each time it was launched."


Michael Guncheon – HDVideoPro:

“I would be remiss if I didn't mention that since I first discovered the Dfx application by Tiffen, it has grown into a pretty powerful application.”


Ron Martinsen:

“…it has a lot of stuff you’d expect like digital filters and processing (including the largest collection of film simulations that I’ve seen to date), but it’s a whole lot more!”


Matt Kloskowski – Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips:

“Now that I’ve played with Dfx for a while I can now see what all the hype is about.”


Scott Simmons – StudioDaily:

“…Two prime examples of the advantages to working within the Dfx interface are the Gobo… and Light effects.” 

"Tiffen is by no means limited to color tools. Also included in the Tiffen Dfx package are several image repair tools, including DeBand, DeBlock and DeNoise, and aperture and lighting tools like Rays, Night Vision and X-Ray."


Benjamin Wong – Wide Lantern:

“The Tiffen DFX 3 Video/Film Plug-in was truly a pleasant surprise.” 

“It offers a tremendous number of high-quality filters to create an almost endless range of looks.” 

“In addition, it features additional specialized filters that go beyond just creating ‘looks’ that could be invaluable depending on your project.”

David Cardinal – Nikon Digital:

“Tiffen’s long history in physical filters gives them the technical knowledge needed to reimplement those in digital form.” 

“Coupled with cross-processing and film stock filters, as well as a litany of darkroom effects, Dfx not only recreates a film darkroom, but goes well beyond anything we could do with glass and chemicals.”

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