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Tiffen Dfx and Digital Film Tools software require a certain level of computer requirements. Please trial the software before you purchase to ensure it works correctly on your system.  




Tiffen Dfx OFX Standard Plug-in

Simulating 2,000+ popular award-winning Tiffen glass filters, specialized lenses, optical lab processes, film grain, exacting color correction, plus natural light and photographic effects, the Tiffen Dfx digital filter suite is the definitive set of digital optical filters for professional photographers, top motion picture filmmakers, video editors, and visual effects artists around the world.

One Dfx OFX Standard plug-in license will run in Black Magic Resolve, Sony Catalyst Edit and Sony Vegas if installed on the same machine.

Tiffen Dfx OFX Standard Feature Highlights 

  • 130 individual filters
  • Thousands of customizable presets
  • Simulation of Tiffen glass camera filters, specialized lenses, optical lab processes, film grain, exacting color correction as well as natural light and photographic effects
  • Presets for 288 different color and black and white still photographic film stocks, motion picture film stocks and historical photographic processes
  • Rosco and GamColor Gel libraries
  • Rosco and Gam Gobo libraries for lighting effects
  • 8, 16, 32 bit image processing
  • Multi-processor acceleration
  • GPU acceleration

New in Tiffen Dfx Version 4.0

- Borders 
Select from a variety of different pre-made borders or create your own.

- Cartoon 
Converts the image into a cartoon.

- Colorize Gradient 
Using multiple colors, Colorize Gradient colorizes the image according to the image’s brightness values.

- Detail 
Detail presents a new technique for performing selective sharpening, detail enhancement and edge aware smoothing.

- Develop 
Provides useful developing controls for globally adjusting the color and tonal scale of your images.

- Grunge 
Adds film dirt, hair, scratches, stains, splotches, vignetting and grain as well as gate weave and flicker on video/film hosts--all to make your pristine image look like damaged film.

- Harris Shutter 
Invented by Robert S. “Bob” Harris of Kodak, the Harris Shutter was originally a strip device with three color filters used for making color photographs with the different primary color layers exposed in separate time intervals in succession. Our digital version of the Harris Shutter uses separate images for the red, green and blue channels. In the case of a time interval between images used for the red, green and blue channels, this will generate a rainbow of color around any object that moves within the frame.

- Pastel 
Converts the image into pastel artwork.

- Pearlescent® / Black Pearlescent® 
Creates a subtle new look with a slight softening of contrast and a luxurious pearlescent halo around highlights. This filter aids cinematographers in taking the edge off the image from modern lenses and cameras, especially with 4K acquisition sensors.

- Black Pearlescent® offers all the benefits of the Pearlescent® filter in a more subtle form. Highlight flares are controlled and contrast is lowered for a more delicate effect.

- Radial Tint 
Tints the image using multi-color, radially graduated filters.

- Satin® / Black Satin® 
Designed with modern digital lenses and camera sensors specifically in mind to enhance the natural beauty of talent with minimal signs of filtration. This filter gently adds a minimal flare to highlights and reduces contrast while suppressing facial blemishes and wrinkles.

Black Satin® offers all the benefits of the Satin® filter in a more subtle form. This filter gently controls highlights, reduces contrast and adds a grittier look than regular satin filters, while suppressing facial blemishes and wrinkles.

- Tone Adjust 
Tone Adjust approximates the appearance of high dynamic range images by adjusting the tonal values. Specifically, detail is recovered.


Full Tiffen Dfx Filter List

Ambient Light, Black and White, Black Diffusion/FX®, Black Pearlescent®, Black Pro- Mist®, Black Satin®, Bleach Bypass, Blur, Borders, Bronze Glimmerglass®, Cartoon, Center Spot, Chromatic Aberration, Close-Up Lens, Color Compensating, Color Conversion, Color Correct, Color-Grad®, Color Infrared, Colorize Gradient, Color Shadow, Color Spot, Cool Pro-Mist®, Cross Processing, Day for Night, DeBand, DeBlock, DeFog, DeFringe, DeNoise, Depth of Field, Detail, Develop, Diffusion, Dot, Double Fog, Dual Grad, Edge Glow, Enhancing, Eye Light, Film Stocks, Flag, FL-B/D®, Flashing, Fog, F-Stop, Gels, Glimmerglass®, Glow, Glow Darks, Gold Diffusion/FX®, Gold Reflector, Grain, Grunge, Halo, Harris Shutter, Haze, HDTV/FX®, High Contrast, HFX® Star, Ice Halos, Infrared, Kelvin, Key Light, Lens Distortion, Light, Light Balancing, Low Contrast, ND-Grad, Night Vision, Nude/FX®, Overexpose, Ozone, Pastel, Pearlescent®, Pencil, Photographic, Polarizer, Printer Points, Pro-Mist®, Rack Focus, Radial Exposure, Radial Tint, Rainbow, Rays, ReLight, Satin®, Selective Color Correct, Selective Saturation, Sepia, Sky, Silver Reflector, Smoque®, Soft Contrast, Soft/FX®, Soft Light, Split Field, Split Tone, Streaks, Sunset/Twilight, Telecine, Temperature, Texture, Three Strip, Tint, Tone Adjust, Two Strip, Ultra Contrast, Vari-Star, Vignette, 812® Warming, Warm Black Pro-Mist®, Warm Center Spot, Warm Polarizer, Warm Pro-Mist®, Warm Soft/FX®, Water Droplets, Wide Angle Lens, and XRay.

Tech Specs / Requirements / Host Applications 

Black Magic Resolve Lite v11
Black Magic Resolve v12 and up
Sony Catalyst Edit 2015 and up
Sony Vegas v13 and up 

• Dual Core Intel or AMD processor
Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows10 64 bit
• 4GB of RAM (8GB or more recommended)
• 1GB of available disk space for caching and temporary files
• Three-button mouse or Wacom tablet 

• 64 bit Intel processors
• Mac OSX 10.8 and above
• 4GB of RAM (8GB or more recommended)
• 1GB of available disk space for caching and temporary files
• Three-button mouse or Wacom tablet 

Recommended Graphics Cards 
• NVIDIA GTX 460 or better
• AMD Radeon 57xx series or better
• OpenCL 1.0 capable graphic card
• 1GB of graphics memory




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