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New Optimized Masking Tools  

The advantage to adding filtration and effects in the post process of Tiffen Dfx is that you can selectively choose where you want your effects and filtration to be. With Seven Masking tools included in the Standalone and the Photo Plug in Dfx v4. New 32 bit floating point precision gives users full access to the image’s dynamic range on a selective basis without having to clip values.  Tiffen Dfx v4 now uses GPU acceleration that utilizes the extra power in the graphic card to speed up the mask process.


Sometimes you just want to filter or use an effect on a certain area and not the whole image. Dfx Masking Tools allow you to selectively filter, create and control your effects.  

Dfx has 7 masking tools onboard - choose the one that works best for your image and your workflow.

Gradient Mask
Creates a linear top to bottom or left to right gradient and is adjusted using the four points around the corners of the image as well as controls in the Toolbar.

Spot Mask
Creates a circular spot mask and is adjusted using the two circular on-screen controls as well as parameters in the Toolbar.

Path Mask
A Path is an outline created by placing sequential points along an object. Think
of it as connecting the dots if you will. Although paths can be open or closed,
Dfx only makes use of closed paths. Drawing a path is often a good solution for
objects that can’t be masked in any other way.

Snap Mask
Snap is an easy to use interactive image masking tool. It provides instant
visual feedback by snapping an editable curve to an object's boundary even if
it has vague or low contrast edges.

EZ Mask
EZ Mask is an easy to use interactive image masking tool capable of isolating
almost any object in an image - even if you are dealing with fine hair detail,
smoke, or reflections.

To work this magic, EZ Mask uses an algorithm that is so intuitive, it actually
estimates the transparency value for every pixel in the image.  It bases this
on small foreground and background pixel samples marked by simple strokes
on the image (as shown).

Selection Mask
Selection masks can be used to manipulate, isolate and protect specific parts
of an image when making adjustments or applying filters. In addition to Dfx’s
masks, a number of the filters have Selection controls built directly into them.

Paint Mask
Organic masks are created using a paint brush and the filter appears only in the
area of the paint stroke. 


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